Introduction to SS 444 - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Certification

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)

What is the SS 444 standard?

The massive demand for more food production has resulted in ever-growing yet complex supply chains. As the industry grows, the importance of maintaining food safety requirements in these supply chains includes combinations of importation, exportation, and various food manufacturing processes to form a single supply chain.

This point is further emphasised by the increasing number of food poisoning or contamination cases worldwide, amplifying the necessity for government agencies, producers, and consumers to focus on food safety system and compliance with the standards.

The SS 444:2018 is one such standard published by the Singapore Standards Council and Enterprise Singapore in 2018 to focus on food safety management. It defines the requirements of the HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points system for the Singapore food industry.

The HACCP system is a set of preventive steps of control and principles that identifies specific hazards and control measures for businesses to ensure food safety. It is scientific and risk-based. It enables food establishments and regula

Potential benefits for companies with SS 444 certifications

HACCP is one of the solutions to prevent hazards from affecting the food chain operators involved in the manufacturing & food production process, such as preserving, catering, storing, packaging, transporting and operating of restaurants/cafes.

Besides that, companies with the HACCP certification can also increase trust and satisfaction from consumers through the consistent provision of safe products. It also addresses safety risks while focusing on your food establishments’ objectives.

Why Work With Stendard?

By choosing Stendard, you can rest assured that your entire food safety and operational staff would be proficient in understanding how to identify hazards and the critical control points through in-depth analysis and what the safety requirements are under the requirements of HACCP certification are.

Our step-by-step process:

  • Understanding your product, services and the entire supply chain;

  • Providing a detailed explanation of the certification process;

  • Ensuring the principles of the HACCP system are well-established in a practical approach;

  • Improving the skills and competency of your team, which includes the conduct of training courses;

  • Explaining the auditable requirements of HACCP Certification;

  • Performing annual internal audits with your team in preparation of SS 444 or HACCP certification and standards audits by your certification body; and

  • Recommending your team to a third-party certification body providing audit services.

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