Stendard Solution™

Stendard Solution™, our Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) Software, comprehensively fulfils your Quality Management System (QMS) needs.

From setting up your QMS with a complete set of documents to maintaining your QMS through proper document version control and automated workflow processes, you will find valuable features tailored to your organisation, regardless of whether you are a start-up or an established organisation.


Library Storage

A simple but powerful module for you to store, organise and edit your files without any hassle.

Manage your documents easily, whenever and wherever
Share your documents discreetly with permission control
Organise your files properly with document numbering format
Editing multiple documents has never been easier!
Import your files seamlessly with Google Drive integration

Document Management System

With Document Management System, never worry about inaccuracy and non-compliance of documentation files and processes again.

Online Document Editing

It provides you with a function to easily edit and publish any documents.

Electronic Signature

An e-signature or electronic signature is an efficient, legally binding method to get approval on electronic documents.
Document Up Version

Using our library, you can easily manage version control and upload and download documents, all in line with your document management needs.


With our workflow feature, never miss another crucial approval, deadline or review date. Have a bird’s eye view of all ongoing tasks in your organisation.

Task management

Manage your personal & organisational tasks effectively with our calendar-based tasks management system.
Business Process

You can preset your company processes within your organisation altogether with the appropriate personnel for duties such as creating, uploading, updating and executing the different business processes.

ISO Template

Writing ISO-related Manual, Procedures, etc. Is it that difficult? The conventional way is. Fresh to Quality Management System? Want to leap on your own?


Form Builder

Did you have enormous difficulties editing your form template using Microsoft Word? Anyone with experience in document controlling would express frustration when a day-to-day record filling comes back with changes to the content of a controlled form template.

Create a dynamic form template

Publish your form & use it whenever you need it

Share your form internally & externally

Last but not least, collect your form response!

Artificial Intelligence Recommendation

We strongly believe that Stendard Solution™ QMS Software has a long way to go with these new advances. With this first AI feature, we will continually strive to introduce more data-driven initiatives to make our loyal customers like yourself comply easier and faster. 

Stendard Academy

Online e-learning courses are put together by our finest, enabling you to learn at your own pace and comfort with the proper knowledge and material to achieve business excellence. Our courses are fully hosted on Stendard Solution™.

Sign up and learn about:

  • Various ISO training on standards, like ISO 13485ISO 22000ISO 27001 and more;

  • Clause-by-clause explanation and how to tackle each one with ease; and

  • Internal audits and how to conduct them for your department and organisation. 

At the end of every course, receive a certificate with a unique certificate number that you can share on your resume and LinkedIn profile with pride!

Evidence Submission

Compile and organise essential documents required for your audit management. With this module, you can breeze through any up-and-coming audits without fearing missing or incorrect documents!


Search (OCR)

With OCR, all your documents will be scanned and indexed within our cloud-based system, turning your paper-based documents into editable, searchable, digital ones.

Audit Trail

A robust audit trail system ensures that accountability is incorporated into your organisation's quality management system.

Change Log

Changelog will list all the updates and patches we have made to every software update to ensure that you know the new features or updates introduced to the system.

What is QMS software?

Quality Management Systems (QMS) are the systems and processes by which an organisation implements and maintains a standard for its business operations and processes. QMS Software like Stendard Solution™ can help the organisation develop policies, procedures, and circles around its business operations. It can also evaluate effectiveness, identify weaknesses, and implement corrective and preventive actions for continuous improvement.

You can also use it to prepare documented information to demonstrate compliance with the standard, industry or regulatory requirements. 


Objectives of having quality management software:

  • To enable organisations to monitor quality data & streamline processes
  • Allow efficient use of resources across the supply chain partners
  • Meet customer requirements
  • Enhance product quality and customer satisfaction

What are the different types of QMS?

Several QMS and related ISO standards for quality control are currently practised in many different industries worldwide. Other ISO standards applicable to specific industries are also available for various organisations to comply with and seek certification by accredited certification bodies.


Following are the more common QMS and their related industries:

Stendard's Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) Software

Our Stendard Solution™ QMS Software comprehensively fulfils your Quality Management System (QMS) needs. It helps your organisation to fast track compliance with the regulatory requirements.

We have also wrote a blog article on EQMS software, click here to read it.

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