Evidence Submission

Compile and organise essential documents required for audits. With this module, you will be able to breeze through any up and coming audits without fearing missing or incorrect documents!

Simplify Evidence Submission Process
with Presets

With our preset function within the evidence submission module, you can now view the list of preset documents you require depending on the types of ISO certification you are trying to achieve.

You can also customise your presets by adding or deleting requirements depending on your organisation’s needs.

Evidence Submission

You can easily submit your audit evidence by selecting the files or folders from the library module.

Alternatively, if your source of evidence lies outside of Stendard Solution™, simply input the URL of your external evidence within our repository.

Suppose you’re submitting evidence from the library module. In that case, you can even customise the submission pages by selecting pages that comply with the regulation needs. This would reduce the auditing time needed for you to be certified!

Ensuring Evidence is Always Up to Date

Suppose you have up-versioned multiple files within the library module that are evidence required for audit.

In that case, you will also have the option to easily apply the changes within the evidence submission module by simply clicking the “update version button”.

Download Evidence
for Alternative Purposes

Depending on the situation, you can download all of the evidence submitted within a ZIP folder as required.

This could be handy when auditors prefer an individual copy for a more detailed analysis.

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