Form Builder Module

Did you have enormous difficulties editing your form template using Microsoft Word? Anyone with experience in document controlling would express their frustration when a day-to-day record filling comes back with changes to the content of a controlled form template.

A common question that our consultants get asked a lot is  “Where am I supposed to fill in?” and an innocent change in a document header could mean a non-compliance being raised during an audit.

So back to the first question, the entire team at Stendard have heard your frustration so loudly that we have decided to create an entire module in Stendard Solution™ to solve this for good. With our new Form Builder module, you can do these activities:

Create a dynamic form template

Create any form that you need to support your daily activities. As the name suggests, building a form is now a breeze as you drag and drop components in. Text fields, team members, drop-down lists, checkboxes, tables full of information, you name it!

You can even format it to look as close to the current print-and-fill format as you require. Pre-determine the locations your colleagues would need to fill in to complete the records!

Publish your form & use it whenever you need it

Put your newly designed form through a proper approval and publishing process, just like any other document! Once it is official, your team members can use it as and when needed, without worrying about the version. 

Collaborate as a team to maintain all the form templates of your entire organisation in the same manner. You will never spend another day worrying about “outdated forms” used by the operation teams

Share your form internally & externally

Were you trying to get your external vendors, clients or even auditors to fill in your records? Scanning, printing, and filling manual forms are a thing of the past! 

All you have to do is share the form right to the stakeholders’ email addresses or share the form URL with them. This is designed not just for facilitating in-house communication but also to blaze through external parties. Stay productive even without leaving your seat!

Last but not least, collect your form response!

So what happens when any of your colleagues or external parties submit the records? We notify you (of course!)

All responses will be recorded inside the form builder tab called ‘Responses’. You can easily export the answers to the Library as a document, get it routed for approval, or use it as reference material or evidence.

The best part of all – everything is logged as part of the Audit Trail. Do head over to Stendard Solution™ to try it out for yourself!

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