Join the Quality & Standards Expert Community.

We’re looking for experts from the Quality & Standards sector.

The aim of this community is

“To increase the exposure of all consultants to international projects and experience”.

As long as you have prior consultancy experience in the Quality & Standards field, you can be a part of the community.

For a start, we are looking for consultants from these standards:

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 45001

ISO 22000

ISO 27001

If your expertise is not part of this list, please stay tuned as we expand the scope of expertise over time.

What is the Quality & Standards Expert Community?

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many experienced consultants in the Quality, Compliance and Regulation industry had lost their jobs, forced to take on a pay cut, and had to shift towards freelance jobs for additional income.

In 2021, Stendard as an advocate for this industry, has decided to initiate a new community-based platform designed to recruit, interview, upgrade and place experienced consultants into project opportunity through an easy-to-use cloud platform. This community-based platform would allow thousands of existing consultants to have more income opportunities, as well as for Stendard to grow beyond the Singapore market.

This community-based platform is therefore called Quality & Standards Expert Community (QSEC).

The aim of this community

The aim of the QSEC is to increase the exposure of all our consultants to international projects and experience. As long as you have prior consultancy experience in the Quality & Standards field, you can be a part of our team.

If you would like to be invited by us, please fill in the form below.
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Frequently Asked Questions for QSEC

The Quality & Standards Expert Community (QSEC) is created for everyone in this Quality, Compliance and Regulation industry. The main purpose is to centralise the directory of experts in every compliance field, and to assign projects from client to the best person for the job.

We are very sure that as a consultant in the compliance line, it is extremely hard to get exposed to projects, and it takes countless sessions of interviews before clients are convinced about your industrial experience.

Many of the inexperienced consultants ended up undercutting the market and quote extremely low to win projects that they are unable to complete satisfactorily, further affecting the market expectation and value of your work.

In 2014, Stendard was initially founded as a consultancy firm, and we therefore walked the same difficult path as all of you. Over the past few years, we have created multiple softwares that eases up document writing, storage, signing, version controlling and workflow management. These softwares are now made available for our QSEC (like yourself) to utilise amd make your work a lot more effective and efficient.

This is why QSEC is created to value-add all of us in this industry.

  • Get introduced to new clients, possibly international too.
  • Work on the project remotely, from the comfort of home (or the beach, your choice)
  • Communicate with the clients directly
  • Access client’s document, manage strict version controls, request for signatures and manage workflow tasks with ease via Stendard Solution™
  • In the occasion of a project dispute with client, QSEC will step in to rectify the issues fairly and systematically
  • Potentially earn extra commission when client subscribes to Solution™ and/or various e-learning courses
  • Recruit consultants with strong background in the Quality, Compliance and Regulation industry
  • Encourage clients to list their project in QSEC
  • Shortlist several consultants with the best match in experiences
  • Conduct interview and technical assessment
  • Coordinate with clients to pick the best candidate to come onboard
  • Release payment in accordance to agreed milestones
  • In the event of a dispute, to be a fair judge to both the consultant and client

No, and we will never intend to do that. As a software company, our focus is to make our clients meet their quality and regulatory goals in the most efficient way.

However, we are mindful that our clients still do require consultant’s assistance for some part of the journey. You are the consultant that will power this part of the engine.

We intend to work hand-in-hand with you and the projects listed in QSEC will never be handed by Stendard directly.

Click on “Request for Invitation” to sign up. For the start, we will only require you to give us the following details:

  • Name
  • Email
  • LinkedIn Profile URL
  • Proficient Standards

Thereafter, we will send you an invitation link to fill in more information that we might require from you.

  • The first step we will take is to email you that there is a suitable project for you and to invite you to take a closer look at its details
  • If you are keen, we will do a quick remote interview via Zoom to brief about the project
  • Most projects will require you to fill in on a quick assessment exercise. This gives the client a better confidence and clarity on your work experiences
  • Discuss on project budget and agree on a fixed charges for your consultancy hours
  • Confirm, award project and get to work!

Based on your expertise, work experience and the standards you are proficient in, our platform will do a search for relevancy before recommending candidates that are suitable for the project.

So you can be very sure that we will only assign you to projects that we are very confident that you would be able to support the client.

Yes, of course! We do not believe in shortchanging our consultants by undercutting and paying you a fee that does not excite you. We will work out a project fee before the start of the project, and we have a fixed milestone payment terms that we adhere strictly to.

No, we charge the client a token sum for performing the list of actions listed above, including sourcing, interviewing and selecting the consultants, as well as to manage the consultant and quality of deliverables.

This is not advisable, and we cannot assure that another project opportunity might come by if you turn one away. However, if there are concerns and you feel that we may not be a good fit for the project, do inform us in advanced and we can make alternative arrangements.

For the duration of the project, you would be our contracted partner that works alongside with us. We will be coordinating the project closely with you, so that makes you our partner!

Yes, definitely! However, please do verify your own Employment Agreement or HR policy to ensure that you are allowed to perform contracted duties outside of employment.

In addition, some clients may expect that the projects are completed during office hours. In such a case, we will assign the project to someone who can commit to it on a full-time basis.

As long as it does not impact the project schedule, regular update meetings with clients, and quality of deliverables, there should be no issue.

We do encourage all our consultants to be upfront to our team and to the client about this special arrangement though.

Do you have any questions?

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Quality & Standard Expert Community