Audit Trail

You can ensure that accountability is incorporated into your organisation’s document management system with a robust audit trail system.

Ensure traceability and responsibility with activity logs

Require a way to check and record users accessing your organisation’s documents? Look no further; Stendard Solution™ has an innate activity log feature that allows you to track and see the timestamp of different users and their activities within our system. With accountability and non-refutability, you can ensure that users from your organisation are responsible and compliant with the various regulatory requirements.

It’s important to note that you can also filter the activity log based on specific criteria to give you a more relevant scope of information.

Get notified on unauthorised access with authentication logs

Authentication log allows you to track when and who is trying to access your company’s accounts and resources. This will enable you to track individual parties attempting to access your company’s resources and manage the security risks related to your organisation’s documents

Exporting of log data

Whenever required, you can always export the log data for external purposes audits, management reviews, etc

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