Library Storage

A simple but powerful module for you to store, organise and edit your files seamlessly without any hassle.

Manage documents easily,
whenever, wherever.

Our software is drag and drop compatible, eliminating time wastage while increasing convenience when uploading the multitude of files you may have.

With the right-clicking feature, you can now utilise various file/folder editing functions simply by clicking on your mouse!

The library module also facilitates easy tracking and monitoring of your document storage size within our cloud. If your storage space becomes insufficient, request a storage space expansion with our team. You’ll never have to worry about having insufficient storage ever again!

Share your documents discreetly
with permission control

Document Sharing & Visibility allows you to dictate who and what kind of documents you want to share with others. This can be applied to both internal and external parties.

With our intricate access control module, you will be able to protect your files’ confidentiality and security. 

Organise Files Properly with Document Numbering Format

Document Number Format provides you with a systematic way to organise your files by adding a document number to every document from your organisation. With this, you will never have to worry about disorganised documents ever again. You can even preset your customised number format for easy reference to bring things up a notch!

Editing multiple documents has never been easier!

Sick and tired of editing files one by one?

With the batch editing feature, you can now select multiple files and alter all of them simultaneously at one go!

We understand time is of utmost importance to you; thus, this functionality would drastically improve productivity.

Import Files Seamlessly
with Google Drive integration


With google drive integration, you can now seamlessly upload any document from your google drive into Stendard Solution™.

You can now share documents from your google drive with anybody of interest without hassle ever again.

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