Customised ISO Templates for Audit-Ready Compliance

Simplify compliance with our intelligent system that tailors ISO document templates to your organisation. Generate manuals, procedures, and forms with ease, ensuring audit-ready accuracy. Experience smarter compliance today.

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What is Stendard Solution™ Smart Document Generator?

Introducing our customised ISO document templates, the time-saving solution for the quality management system. Writing these documents from scratch can be incredibly time-consuming and arduous. Also, you might need more than just generic ISO templates to help you address your unique business case, leaving you with gaps in your documentation.

With our tailored ISO templates designed for newcomers to the Quality Management System, you can generate comprehensive documents in just 30 minutes, saving you months of effort. You can simplify your quality management system with our expertly crafted templates and focus on achieving operational excellence.

How is Stendard Solution™ Smart Document Generator different from conventional documents?

To get an audit-ready set of documentation to meet your Management System, this was what it was like before Stendard Solution™:

Step 1

Decide on the standards and regulations that apply to your company and products.

Step 2

Establish the relevant scope of business processes

Step 3

Set the parameters and particular purpose within the quality manual, quality policy and objectives

Step 4

Decide on the procedures applicable to your scope of business and the relevant standards (typically 20+ to 40+ procedures or SOPs) and prepare process maps.

Step 5

 Clearly define the content in each of the procedures

Step 6

Identifying the necessary forms that would apply to each business process (there can be up to 70 to 100+ types of forms needed for an entire business operation)

Step 7

Define the necessary step-by-step instructions for each function within the Work Instructions

Step 8

Run through a mock audit by ISO consultants to identify and plug the gaps

   Total time estimated: 20 weeks


After you use our Smart Document Generator:

We have gathered years of our consultants’ time and domain knowledge in their respective ISO standards to assemble a documentation bank that reacts to our questionnaire. Our smart document generator decides what questions to ask depending on different standards. Based on your answers given, it determines which documents apply to you.

Besides the document, the content and form attachments of each procedure are decided by our algorithm, down to every document page and paragraph you receive — at >90% accuracy.

Just think of our smart document generator as your reliant consultant that you have been going to for years, but a lot smarter, faster and affordable.

What’s better? The smart document generator grows smarter each time our client goes through an audit.

  Total time estimated for our Smart Document Generator: 30 minutes

A common question that we get is whether we provide ISO templates.

The short and direct answer to this is — No.

Template documentation is usually provided as an entire folder with a fixed amount of documentation and will also include that documentation that may not apply to an organisation. We do not believe in selling templates because of the additional customisation needed.

And the worse of all — You won’t know if the content you modified is compliant.

What do we provide in each document bundle?

  • Quality Manuals
  • Procedures
  • Process Maps
  • Checklists
  • Forms

Our strategy for customer satisfaction: The time savings

Referring to the 8 steps in the conventional method above, using Stendard Solution™’s Smart Document Generator removes the first 6 steps.

So what do you need to do as a user to be audit-ready?

Use our smart document generator to generate each Manual, Procedure, Form Template, etc. Define the step-by-step instructions needed for each operation within the Work Instructions. Run through a mock audit by our consultants to identify and plug the gaps.

The last 2 steps are optional, but we provide additional support to let all our clients easily reach a 100% audit-ready state.

Our strategy for customer satisfaction: The cost savings

Using ISO templates can be an effective way to save costs for organisations. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) templates provide standardised frameworks and guidelines for various business processes, which can streamline operations and reduce expenses.

It’s important to note that while ISO templates can offer cost-saving benefits, their implementation should be tailored to each organisation’s specific needs and context.

This is what Stendard Solution™’s Smart Document Generator do!

And with the new pricing tag, you can have the whole documents of your selected Standard with a one-off payment; curious about the price and the documents you’ll get?

Our Standard & Pricing

Get started with Stendard Solution™ Smart Document Generator

Here are the step by step how you can tailor the ISO template in Stendard Solution™’s Smart Document Generator module to fit your organisation’s specific context and requirements. Customise the content, terminology, and format to reflect your organisation’s processes, terminology, and branding. Ensure that the template is practical and relevant to your operations.

  1. Sign up for an account

  2. Choose a standard

  3. Answer Questions & Answers

  4. Choose the departments and designation to assign the process owners

  5. Assign document numbers

  6. Checkout and download documents!


What’s next after downloading the document in Stendard Solution™ 

  1. Document Creation: Develop the necessary documents based on the template. This may include quality manuals, quality policies, procedures, work instructions, forms, checklists, and other relevant documents required by the ISO standard. Incorporate your organisation’s specific requirements and strategic direction while adhering to the framework provided by the template.

  2. Internal & Management Reviews: Conduct an internal review of the customised ISO documents. Engage key stakeholders, process owners, interested parties, and subject matter experts to validate and provide feedback on the documents. Ensure that the documents accurately reflect your organisation’s processes and effectively meet the ISO standard’s requirements.

  3. Training and Awareness: Provide training and awareness programs to employees regarding the customised ISO documents, their purpose, and how they should be utilised. Ensure that employees understand their roles and responsibilities in implementing the ISO processes outlined in the documents.

  4. Implementation: Roll out the customised ISO documents and processes across the organisation. Communicate the changes to employees, facilitate adopting the new processes, and integrate them into daily operations. Monitor the implementation process to identify any challenges or areas that require further refinement.

  5. Internal Audit: Conduct an internal audit to assess the effectiveness of the implemented ISO processes and the compliance of the documentation with the ISO standard. Identify areas for improvement, non-conformities, and opportunities for corrective actions.

  6. Certification (Optional): If seeking ISO certification, engage with a certification body or registrar to undergo an external audit. The certification body will evaluate your organisation’s processes, documentation, and implementation to determine compliance with the ISO standard. Address any non-conformities identified during the audit process.

  7. Continual Improvement: Maintain a culture of continual improvement by regularly reviewing and updating the ISO documents based on feedback, changing requirements, external issues, and organisational developments. Continuously monitor and measure the effectiveness of the ISO processes and strive for ongoing optimisation.

Remember, implementing ISO standards and templates can vary depending on the specific requirements, complexity of the organisation, and industry. It is essential to involve relevant stakeholders, allocate resources appropriately, and ensure ongoing commitment to the ISO processes for successful implementation and continuous compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Group 5730

Stendard’s Smart Virtual Assistant allows users to answer questions about their organisation’s structure and requirements. From there, our smart virtual assistant can generate your customised set of compliance documents in record time.


Click the “Get Document” button to pay for customised documents. This will trigger a pop-up window with two options: “Free preview” and “Get full document content”. Depending on the actions undertaken, paid documents will be generated into your Library module.


KRIS is a Windows-based database management program that captures, manages, and retains unstructured organisational information. Like document management software, it helps organisations manage their data effectively, thus providing a sustainable and robust documentation management framework.

Although Stendard Solution™ is not based on the KRIS document management system, our software could perform as well, if not better, in most aspects when compared.


Unlike other document management software in the market, Stendard Solution™ does not only allow you to store, manage and track electronic documents. We understand that organisations want to build themselves a robust document management system because it is one of the criteria to be ISO certified.

With this in mind, we have created a customised document generator where you can generate ISO-related documents based on their unique organisational needs.


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