Search (OCR)

A simple and powerful tool to locate every single document you need.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

With OCR All of your documents will be scanned and indexed within our cloud-based system, turning your paper-based documents into editable, searchable, digital documents.

Suppose you are an organisation with a high volume of documents, workflows etc. within our system. Our optical character recognition technology not only allows you to search documents by file names, but also by specific content within any document, images or processes you may have.

Imagine the time you can save from manually looking through every single file to check if it’s the correct document or not.

Why Optical Character Recognition (OCR) ?

Document Number Format provides you with a systematic way to organise your files by adding a document number to every document from your organisation. With this, you will never have to worry about disorganised documents ever again!

You can even preset your customised number format for easy reference to bring things up a notch!

Increased accessibility of data for you:
We can translate all of your documents into text-searchable content with OCR processing. Thus, you can intuitively search documents based on a rough idea of the content instead of knowing the exact file name, etc.

Traditional search processes can be very time-consuming in terms of physically and manually searching for files and documents within a traditional filing system.
Imagine being able to translate all of your documents into digital files. After that, you just have to provide a few relevant keywords to the OCR algorithm and let the system do the heavy lifting while seeing the magic happen.

Improved accuracy and data utility
Facilitated with easy access to data, OCR encourages frequent data search and data utilisation because of its sheer convenience to users like you. To top it off, searching for keywords within documents content will drastically improve the data accuracy, thus bringing a higher sense of satisfaction for you.

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