Workflow Management

An effective way to reduce paperwork related hindrance within the workplace and improve organisational efficiencyAn effective way to reduce paperwork-related hindrances and manual processes within the workplace and improve organisational efficiency.


Our workflow management tools ensure you will never miss another crucial approval, deadline or review date. Having a bird’s eye view of all ongoing tasks in your organisation is vital for the growth of the business. The workflow management software is created to ease project management and team collaboration to maintain good Quality Management Systems.

Manage Personal & Organisational Tasks Quickly & Efficiently

Manage your personal & organisational tasks effectively with our calendar-based task management system. With the clear-cut graphical representation, you can easily view the different tasks assigned to or by yourself.

You can manage your resources better and complete tasks of higher priority by combining various filter options and a coloured ‘urgency’ system. In other words, you will never miss a deadline ever again!

Sign Multiple Documents Simultaneously with Mass-signing Feature

Sick of the dreaded process of signing individual files? Those days are over. With our mass signing function, you can sign off multiple documents simultaneously!.

Conventionally, you can relate to walking into your office with an entire stack of documents waiting to be signed. Likewise, while your colleagues are oversea, the whole list of documents would be stuck, causing a significant bottleneck in your workflow.

With our workflow management software, this is no longer an issue, as it allows many documents to be reviewed and signed at record speed from anywhere and anytime.

Inculcate Robust Business Processes with our workflow management software 

Our Business Process module allows you to preset company processes within your organisation. You can assign the individual staff to fulfil duties such as creating, uploading, updating and executing the different functions in a straightforward or complex workflow requiring multiple stages of reviewing and approving.

With a quick tweak in the workflow management settings, you can also preset repetitive tasks within your organisation as frequently as you require.

With such robust workflow software, you can enjoy better employee productivity, achieve organisational success, and increase team collaboration. Let us show you a few details about it.

Craft out complex templates with workflow management tools

In our latest update to our workflow management tools, you can create workflows with precise step-by-step instructions on how your colleagues should complete their tasks. The interface of Stendard Solution™’s workflow management systems empowers your team to understand the company’s processes in the simplest way possible.

Here are several key features that have been added to it:

Grouping sets of workflow templates;
Importing existing workflows or repetitive workflow groups;
Adding multiple tasks with different functionalities into a single workflow step; and
Setting up prerequisite conditions & pre-instructing consequences of rejected tasks.

For example, having an excellent Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) procedure is vital. It should exist in every organisation to account for actions to correct issues and prevent them from reoccurring. 

In this case, the CAPA procedure can be wired once as a workflow template, allowing different lapses in other workflow processes to initiate a CAPA procedure whenever necessary (i.e., lapses in procurement procedure can now automatically set off a CAPA procedure.)

This showcases how our workflow management system can empower your team to remain compliant year-on-year.


Initiate your workflows via multiple channels 

You can now integrate your internal processes within the workflow management systems, Stendard Solution™. To up-version a document, you can kickstart the workflow directly via the Library module. 

Each time a record needs to be version controlled, there’s a fixed set of instructions and to-do for your teammates to commit to. This ensures that your documents are always up-to-date and compliant with your Quality Management System.

If you have a workflow that needs to be initiated manually, you can similarly launch the workflow process via the Workflow module.

With our powerful Form Builder module allowing your team to conduct form filling seamlessly, you can wire your workflow module to commence a series of workflow tasks each time your team or your clients submit the form. In the next point, we explain more about this mode of workflow initiation.

Create workflow automation using your digital forms

Good for you if you already have forms created using our form builder! If not, we encourage you to use our form builder module to move your company’s forms system digitally or start with the document templates recommended by our consultants. After the form is published, you can share the forms with any team members or external users & collect the response quickly.

So, what’s the relation with the workflow module? You can use the published form to trigger a workflow automatically by selecting form submission as the trigger method when creating the workflow. After the workflow is designed, whenever your team member fills up the form, the workflow will start, and the next member will get a notification to do the task.

The workflow has been created. Time to set your assignee!

Within the workflow templates, you can assign a task by default to certain colleagues who are in charge of that process. This removes the possibility of incorrectly selecting colleagues who need to become more familiar with the task.

With the assignee preset function, you can preset a list of individuals and their required actions. If documents and processes need the same steps, utilise the preset option with a simple button click.

These preset assignees can be varied to ensure different reviewers and approvers for each department. Upon initiating, the default assignees would get the notifications to perform the task on time.

Suppose this workflow has specific steps that the initiator would prefer to assign it later on; the workflow management feature allows for the choice of keeping things flexible. In this case, the assignees can correctly select the right team member to route the workflow whenever it is ready, allowing the process flow to kickstart first without any delays.

Communicate quickly and effectively with discussion boards

Are you looking for a convenient way to discuss the workflow or business processes? Or do you wish for a better way to get feedback on the documents you are reviewing?

Chat with teammates and external parties using our in-build discussion board. To catch their attention, you can also efficiently mention (@name, just like how you are familiar with!) your team member.

Mass acknowledgement and approval made easy

When someone joins the company, the usual requirements would be for thorough training to be conducted to bring the staff up to speed! This could mean a need for new management to be trained for hundreds of documents simultaneously.

At times like this, our mass acknowledgement feature would be a significant time saviour, allowing you to speedily go through an acknowledgement and approve the list of documents. There are two main methods to do this, using our document management system:

Use the mass route function to route multiple documents for approval.
Use the mass acknowledge function to assign it to multiple assignees. This can be extremely useful to speed up your employee onboarding procedures.

All tasks completed? Time to enjoy your day!

After all of your assignees complete their tasks, your workflow status will be automatically updated to mark it as completed. There’s no better feeling than seeing the entire list of workflows tracked and managed towards completion.

With our workflow management tool, you can initiate complex workflows anytime and anywhere, allowing you to keep a close watch to ensure success. Even on-site employees can quickly commence a workflow once they finish filling out a form. The beauty of remote collaboration is that someone halfway across the world can now be notified and react immediately to the submitted workflow or document!

Try it out & save your day using Stendard Solution™ workflow management software now!

Best-practice QMS Workflow Management Solution include:

In our line of business, we are creating value for our clients by teaching everyone the industry best practices we have observed. Using this knowledge, these are some of the examples of processes that you can create with our workflow management software tool Stendard Solution™:

  • Document & Record Approval Process
  • Design and Development
  • Corrective & Preventive Action (CAPA)
  • Non-Conformance Reporting
  • Supplier Evaluation
  • Verification & Validation
  • Audit Rectifications
  • Risk Management
  • Hiring and Training Process
  • Minutes of Meeting
  • Software Update and Release
  • Purchasing and many more.

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