Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety: What Is QEHS & Why You Need It

Management System is a framework of processes and procedures used to ensure that your organisation can meet applicable standards and regulations. It enables your organisation to carry out its duties to achieve organisational objectives. One of the most important objectives of an organisation is to meet customer quality requirements, comply with government regulations, and fulfil responsibilities for managing occupational safety and environmental aspects.

To realise these objectives, an organisation will implement a Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety (QEHS) Management System.

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What Is QEHS?

Implementing the Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety (QEHS) Management System is a form of organisational awareness towards the quality of its products. Followed by the organisation’s concern for the environment, occupational safety and health in various production activities and provision of services.

QEHS Management System is one of the most effective management systems in implementing QEHS in your organisation. This management system is developed based on regulations and standards issued by international agencies or governments of each country. One of the international bodies that issue management system standards is The International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which is also adopted by various countries as an effective management system.

Generally, QEHS is implemented according to the following ISO standards:

  1. ISO 9001: an international standard that defines the requirements for a Quality Management System.
  2. ISO 14001:an international standard that defines the requirements for an Environmental Management System.
  3. ISO 45001: an international standard that defines the requirements for an Occupational Health and Safety Management System which supersedes the OHSAS 18001 standard.

The implementation of these three systems is generally done separately. However, it will have an impact in terms of increasing the company’s burden in addition to the occurrence of inefficiencies in the documentation systems that are applied in your organisation. Therefore, understanding and mastery of each standard are critical in combining these management systems into an integrated management system for an effective QEHS implementation in your organisation.

Why Do You Need QEHS?

There are many reasons why an organisation should take a strategic approach to implement and maintain QEHS. A QEHS management system can benefit any organisation, regardless of the size or type of your industry.

When properly implemented, a QEHS management system offers many benefits for organisations and their employees. From improving the quality of products and services, compliance with occupational health and safety standards and regulations, fulfilling responsibilities in managing the environment and fulfilling other requirements required by customers and other interested parties.

If you are weighing the pros and cons of implementing QEHS, it is worth considering the following benefits:

  1. Creating more efficient and effective operations
  2. Increase customer satisfaction and retention
  3. Reducing the risk of accidents, incidents and occupational diseases
  4. Continually strive to conserve natural resources and reduce waste in the organisation’s environment.
  5. Increase employee motivation, awareness, and morale.
  6. Reducing operational costs
  7. Improve organisational, operational performance
  8. Protect the brand and reputation of the organisation
  9. Improve and maintain a competitive edge in the international market
  10. Encouraging innovation towards the development of technology and science in the future
  11. Continuous Improvement 

Benefits of Hiring a Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Consultant for Your Company or Business

Considering that the QEHS management system is an integrated management system from ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, it is not easy to implement and maintain this management system. Especially for organisations that lack resources, are new or have never implemented it before.

One solution that organisations can take to initiate effective QEHS implementation is to hire a QEHS consultant. Some of the benefits of hiring a QEHS Consultant are as follows:

  1. Consultants know and understand effective management that can be applied to your organisation.
  2. Consultants are always focused on their work and are not distracted by other tasks in your organisation.
  3. Consultants have expertise from various industries; thus, they can find the best practice for your organisation.
  4. Consultants provide specific technical skills that your organisation does not have and can transfer those skills to employees in your organisation through training, such as internal auditor training, awareness training, risk assessment etc.
  5. The consultant will guide you in developing the system, implementing it, and assisting in the audit process.

How to Find a QEHS Consultant for Your Company or Business

Please note that not all QEHS management system consultants have sufficient quality and competence. Pay attention to the following points if you want to hire a consulting service for the QEHS management system in your organisation to get satisfactory results:

  1. Understand the consultant’s duties properly for your organisation as well as the scope of work required.
  2. Increase references by seeking recommendations from relatives, colleagues, friends, family, websites, or any platform that provides information related to consulting services.
  3. Choose a consultant who has clear and complete legality requirements.
  4. Look for more in-depth information about the background, qualifications and experience of consultants in the field of QEHS management systems.
  5. What services can consultants provide, such as gap analysis, training, audit and others?

How Can Stendard Help

As a company engaged in management system consulting, Stendard can help your organisation by providing QEHS management system consulting services with experienced consultants in various industries.

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