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We are a regulatory consultancy and technology company that helps businesses implement international standards, streamline business processes across the organisation, and accelerate global growth.

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Stendard’s Full Suite Service

Ever since our inception in 2016, Stendard has grown into these three primary business arms:

  • Stendard Services
  • Stendard Solution™
  • Stendard Academy

This provides full end-to-end support for all our clients to attain ISO certifications, move towards digitalisation and get consistent ISO training to keep the team updated and compliant.

ISO Consultancy

Our team of in-house ISO consultants can provide trusted guidance towards your management systems requirements. Given our international expertise, besides experience with companies handling hardware and software products in nature, our advisory services have proven successful for a wide variety of clients.



Our expertise includes many different ISO standards, such as:

  • Quality Management System, like ISO 9001 and ISO 13485
  • Food Safety Management System, like ISO 22000
  • Information Security Management System, like ISO 27001
  • Environmental Management System, like ISO 14001
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System, like ISO 45001
  • Various combinations of an integrated management system


Our highly qualified ISO consultant team can help you to:

  • Identify the applicable standards and regulations;
  • Guide your products, services, distribution channel and outsourced partners;
  • Conduct ISO training services on all levels of organisations;
  • Perform internal audit in preparation for your ISO certification;
  • Perform post-audit activities;
  • Recommend supportive third-party auditing services; and
  • Demonstrate sound business management practices to achieve business excellence

Stendard Solution™

From setting up your QMS with a complete set of documents to maintaining your QMS through proper document version control and automated workflow processes, you will find valuable features tailored to your organisation, regardless of whether you are a start-up or an established organisation.

Our software is specially created to help you manage your documents, business process workflows and team collaboration without the usual print-sign-store system, which is unsustainable, slow and expensive to maintain.

With Stendard Solution™, you can:

Upload documents, tag and categorise them easily;

Invite team members and manage view/edit permissions on files, folders and software access;

Work on documents & processes concurrently and have open discussions within the workflow;

Sign and approve the documents and workflow electronically and automatically;

Compile required evidence in a pre-prepared list and track your progress toward full compliance, even for an integrated management system;

Sign up for ISO training courses through our Stendard Academy modules and get certified upon completion;

Access audit trail to track activities of your team members and export them whenever required;

Search using our OCR-enabled search engine and find the keywords within scanned documents instantly;

Stendard Academy

Online e-learning courses are put together by our finest, enabling you to learn at your own pace and comfort with the proper knowledge and material to achieve business excellence. Our courses are hosted on both Stendard Solution™ and Udemy.

Sign up and learn about:

  • Various ISO training on standards, like ISO 13485, ISO 22000, ISO 27001 and more;
  • Clause-by-clause explanation and how to tackle each one with ease; and
  • Internal audits and how to conduct them for your department and organisation.

At the end of every course, receive a certificate with a unique ID that you can post it up on your LinkedIn with pride!

Quality And Regulatory Services For All Sizes

At Stendard, we believe that quality is everyone’s business because it takes a team to consistently deliver and uphold great standards that build confidence with customers, partners and the community.

Trusted By Hundreds of Organisations